Take the guesswork out of planning a richly rewarding retirement!

7 steps to a richer retirement

Kiplingerís 7 Steps to a Richer Retirement: Your Guide to Building Wealth that Lasts as Long as You Do.   Get concise, easy-to-understand help to reap all the rewards you labored so long to earn ó and make sure your money lasts as long as you do!

This 170-page handbook is packed with step-by-step advice to protect and guide you through every aspect of retirement planning and living. What's more, you get the following three free bonuses.

Free Bonus #1  Bonus Step 8: Supplement Your Income.   Discover great gigs for retirees, how to start your own business, and much more.

Free Bonus #2  Family Records Organizer, reg. $19.95.  Hereís the easiest way to organize your financial life, and protect loved ones who might need access to important records in an emergency. You get easy instructions to download all forms and checklists from the Kiplinger web site.

Free Bonus #3  Personal help from Kiplinger experts at no additional cost.  Youíre invited to contact Kiplinger experts directly by telephone, e-mail or postal mail for more guidance on anything you read in 7 Steps to a Richer Retirement.

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Kiplingerís 7 Steps to a Richer Retirement
PDF download: Kiplingerís 7 Steps to a Richer Retirement - $29.95

Get practical help to build and preserve your retirement wealth.

You can count on Kiplinger's 7 Steps to a Richer Retirement to give you the trustworthy advice and guidance you need to make sure you never run out of money in your retirement.  Youíll discover how to:

  • Determine exactly how much money you will need and create a step-by-step plan to reach your goal,
  • Invest and manage your money wisely to make sure it lasts as long as you do,
  • Minimize the tax bite and take full advantage of retirement tax shelters to supercharge your spendable income,
  • Get the highest possible lifetime benefits from Social Security ó and avoid what may be the single biggest mistake made by nearly half of all retirees,
  • Create an income stream to stretch your retirement savings even further,
  • Prepare adequately for one of the biggest costs retirees face: health care,
  • And much more.

Step 1: Crunch the Numbers

  • Your Bottom Line
  • Create a Realistic Budget
  • Your Preretirement Checklist

Step 2: Pump Up Your Retirement Plan

  • Playing Catch-Up
  • Saving on Your Own
  • Smart Strategies After You Retire
  • Taking Pension Payouts

Step 3: Manage Your Investments

  • Crafting the Mix
  • The Kiplinger 25 Mutual Funds
  • Enlist a Professional

Step 4: Maximize Social Security

  • The Best Time to File
  • A Personalized Benefit Statement
  • Strategies for Married Couples
  • The Truth About the Earnings Test
  • More Good News for Married Couples

Step 5: Make Your Money Last

  • Pick a Drawdown Strategy
  • Pump Up Your Retirement Paycheck
  • Get Some Guarantees from an Annuity
  • Income Strategies for Younger Retirees

Step 6: Get the Best Health Coverage

  • The Ins and Outs of Medicare
  • Insurance for Early Retirees
  • Shop for Long-Term-Care Insurance

Step 7: Minimize the Tax Bite

  • What's Taxable? What's Not?
  • Tax-Bracket Bingo
  • Traditional IRA Withdrawals
  • Paying the Tax Tab
  • Your State's Stake
  • Selling the Family Home

BONUS Step 8: Supplement Your Income

  • Work Part-Time for Your Old Boss?
  • Your Second Act
  • Great Gigs for Retirees
  • Start Your Own Business

And much, much more!