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Tax changes can significantly affect the financial decisions you make in the coming year and beyond.

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Since taking office, Joe Biden has signed three major pieces of legislation containing substantial tax and retirement-savings provisions. One of these laws gives IRS billions of dollars over 10 years to conduct more audits. And lawmakers are considering even more changes that could affect your taxes.

Donít be caught unaware, or worse, unprepared.

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Since 1925 hundreds of thousands of taxpayers and tax professionals have relied on the advice, guidance, and tax-saving strategies in The Kiplinger Tax Letter to reduce their tax liability to the minimum allowable under the law, steer clear of IRS audits, and stop overpaying their federal and state income taxes, whether for themselves, their businesses, or their clients.

We do it by keeping you up to date on new and pending changes in the tax code, plus the best (legal) ways to use the tax rules to your advantage. Reporting from the heart of Washington, D.C., Kiplingerís team of tax researchers and reporters has developed an unsurpassed network of government experts, tax attorneys and CPAs, former IRS agents, financial advisers, and lawmakers.

These inside connections give you access to tax advice and insight unduplicated in any other advisory. Youíll be among the first to discover details of plans to revise the tax code ó along with fresh strategies to lower your taxes and keep as much of your money as possible in your pocket.

Just look at what our research team has turned up for you lately.

  • What we expect Congress will or wonít do this year and next regarding your taxes,
  • Helping you understand changes to the rules for inherited IRAs,
  • A roadmap of the retirement-savings changes in the SECURE 2.0 legislation,
  • Navigating the changes to the tax credit for buying an electric vehicle,
  • Why more people will receive Form 1099-K next year than ever before,
  • The effect of rising inflation on taxes,
  • Tax dos and doníts for your investments,

  • The ins and outs of capital gains taxes,
  • How to make the most of the 20% deduction for pass-through income, including rental income,
  • IRSís penalty abatement program for first-time late filers or payers,
  • What to consider if you are planning on converting your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA,
  • Delving into tax credits for green-energy updates to your home,
  • Investigating how the IRS plans to use its billions of dollars in enforcement money,
  • Changes to 529 college savings accounts, and much more.

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