Prosper in 2018 by Eliminating Distractions and Boosting Productivity

This event was recorded on Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018

$149 for the Recording

Are distracted employees and their shrinking attention spans holding your business back from the success you know you could achieve in 2018?

Diversions and interruptions are just a click away, and they get worse all the time. If your employees are unable to concentrate on tough assignments that demand their undivided attention, then productivity and your profit margin will suffer.

We have just the ticket to help you prosper in 2018 by minimizing annoying disturbances and creating an environment that encourages workers to diligently tackle their highest-priority tasks.

Listen to a recording of Kiplinger's webinar, Eliminate Workplace Distractions, Boost Employee Productivity. You'll discover workplace-tested methods to make sure your employees (or even you) get their jobs done on time all the time, including how to:

  • Eliminate the three most common distractions in the workplace,
  • Limit employee use of the Internet for non-work purposes,
  • Coach employees to concentrate on their top priorities and finish what they start,
  • Boost productivity by reconfiguring your workplace to maximize employee focus,
  • Train your team to manage the steady stream of e-mail without constant checking and replying,
  • Set a good example for workers by demonstrating peak efficiency in your own daily routine,
  • And much more.