Mastering Excel Functions and Formulas

This is a recorded webinar.
Original Air date: January 24, 2017

Like most Excel users, creating and manipulating formulas and functions is at the heart of how you use the program. But you probably don’t have time to explore Excel’s more than 350 functions – and you may be missing the hidden power of the formulas you use if you only apply them in their most basic forms.

The good news is you can become much more productive – and save a lot of time and effort – by brushing up on a few easy-to-master tips that dramatically simplify formula building and help you unleash their full potential.

The first step is to watch this 75-minute recorded webinar. Excel expert Dennis Taylor will briefly review basic formula concepts, and then reveal dozens of power user tips and techniques you can use to create formulas more easily… quickly locate formulas or cells that affect formulas in your worksheet… debug problematic formulas… and much more. 

  • How to make the most of the powerful AutoSum tool and its allied features,
  • The “what-if” capability of the IF function, and how to supercharge it using the AND, OR and CHOOSE functions for even greater power and flexibility,
  • How to easily find values in a large table with the powerful VLOOKUP function,
  • The power of the frequently overlooked Text functions that help you quickly adjust uppercase entries, eliminate unnecessary spaces in cells, extract parts of cell contents, and combine text from different cells,
  • And much more.

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