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You can generate as much as 4%, 5%, even 6% a year right now — and stay well ahead of the pack no matter which way the economy goes from here.

Income investing isn’t about knee-jerk reactions to flash market crashes and surges, market timing, or pie-in-the-sky promises of triple-digit returns.

It’s about steady income with moderate growth and manageable risk — no matter what the market is doing.  No matter what other investments you hold in your portfolio.

Dear Investor,

Long gone are the days when you could simply salt away a good chunk of your money in U.S. Treasury bonds and long-term CDs, hoping to live off the interest.

And with so much economic turmoil and stock market volatility recently, both in the U.S. and around the world, it's perfectly understandable if you're wary of stocks.

But you don't have to settle for watching your savings dwindle down to nothing. The good news is, there's always something working to generate cash, year in and year out, in any kind of market.

Whether you're living in retirement, semiretired, or you're still a ways off... no matter what other wealth-building approach you prefer or what other types of investments you currently hold...

Kiplinger's Investing for Income will show you how to generate 4% to 6% cash yield year in and year out, in any kind of market.

More good news: A complimentary copy of Income Investing Strategies for an Uncertain Market is being held in your name, yours free when you subscribe.

What makes Kiplinger's Investing for Income particularly valuable to you is our bulldog pursuit of healthy cash returns no matter what the stock market is doing.

Every monthly issue brings you proven strategies to boost your spendable investment income – safely and reliably – through a number of investment alternatives too often overlooked by income investors, including:

  • REITs that reliably yield more than 4%,
  • pipelines that yield 5% and up charging tolls for gas and oil — and many of them raise dividends several times a year,
  • municipal bonds with a taxable equivalent yield of 6%,
  • hundreds of safe stocks with reliable dividends despite the economic upheaval,
  • and much more.

YOU ALSO GET 4 MODEL PORTFOLIOS – Tax-Exempt Income, Maximum Current Cash, Dividend-a-Month, and Juiced-Up Cash — plus the Kiplinger 25 collection of top income-producing investments, to show you exactly where to put your money to achieve higher cash yields.

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