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Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine is the most trustworthy source of advice and guidance available today on investing and saving, cutting taxes, building wealth, planning a financially secure retirement, making major purchases such as a home, college education or car, and many other personal finance topics.

Since 1920, Kiplinger has led the way in personal finance and business forecasting. Today Kiplinger's Personal Finance is among the Top 10 Most Trusted magazine brands, according to Affinity LLC's American Magazine Study. One of only four financial publications on the list, Kiplinger's is the only personal finance magazine to make the Top 10. Other titles included Harvard Business Review and Forbes.

Our subscribers say the same. A reader in Washington says, "This magazine has paid for itself many times over with its very simple, relevant financial tips and sound advice," and a reader in Virginia adds "Thanks for helping to make me a well informed investor."

Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine - January 2023

Cover Story -- Where to Invest in 2023: Investors could see a turnaround in stocks and bonds after a bumpy start to the year. Here's how to position your portfolio for a rebound.

PDF - $7.95
Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine - December 2022

Cover Story -- Rewarding Year-End Money Moves: Follow these steps to lower your taxes, boost your retirement savings, tune up your portfolio and more.

PDF - $7.95
Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine - November 2022

Cover Story -- Invest Your Money to Match Your Values: The KIPLINGER ESG 20 are leaders on environmental, social or governance challenges -- and they're great investments for the long term.

PDF - $7.95
Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine - October 2022

Cover Story -- Protect Your Retirement Income From Inflation: Use these 9 strategies to make your nest egg last as long as you do.

PDF - $7.95
Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine - September 2022

Cover Story -- How to Get Relief from Inflation: We asked four households how they're managing the pressure of high prices. Their strategies can help you rein in your budget.

PDF - $7.95
Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine - August 2022

Cover Story -- Great Places to Retire: We found seven standout communities across the country that are affordable and offer an active lifestyle, accessible health care and abundant cultural amenities.

PDF - $7.95
Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine - July 2022

Cover Story -- Where to Invest Now: We tell you how to position your portfolio for a volatile market.

PDF - $7.95
Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine - June 2022

Cover Story -- Earn Top Yields on Your Investments: We scoured 8 income categories, from super safe to aggressive.

PDF - $7.95
Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine - May 2022

Cover Story -- How to Create Wealth: Use these 13 strategies to craft a rewarding future.

PDF - $7.95
Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine - April 2022

Cover Story -- Cash In on Climate Solutions: We found promising stocks and funds that are good for the planet and your portfolio, too.

PDF - $7.95
Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine - March 2022

Cover Story -- Trim Your Tax Bill: Use our guide to boost your refund or reduce what you owe.

PDF - $7.95
KPF Feb 2022
Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine - February 2022

Cover Story -- Stay on Track to Retire When You Want: How to calculate your savings target, cut your taxes and make your money last.

PDF - $7.95