Master Excel Pivot Tables

This event took place on November 16, 2017

$99 for the recording

You're about to discover the number one way to save a huge amount of time and effort in Excel.

What's more, you don't have to be an Excel pro or power user to do it - although people might start thinking you are!

When you work with databases and large lists in Excel, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the data. Sure, Sorting and Filtering give you some tools to manage things, and the Subtotal command gives you an additional tool to get summary information.

But there's nothing as fast, flexible and just plain powerful as creating a PivotTable to analyze and summarize your data.  Not only are PivotTables a huge time-saver, they give you new creative opportunities for unparalleled data analysis and better decision making.

Best of all, it's way easier than you may think.

The first step is to download and listen to Kiplinger's 75-minute webinar and see just how easy it is to put Excel's most powerful analytical capability to work for you.  You'll discover dozens of techniques and tips to get the most out of this amazing tool, including how to:

  • Structure data and alter your worksheet layouts to optimize them as sources for PivotTables,
  • Create PivotTables in just a few simple point-and-click steps - without cumbersome formulas,
  • Unleash the full power of this highly flexible tool by "pivoting" layouts to view hidden relationships among your data,
  • Instantly display the detail behind any PivotTable value with the impressive drill-down feature,
  • Master the potent grouping capabilities of PivotTables to convert massive amounts of date data into monthly, quarterly, and yearly totals in no time,
  • Create ad hoc groupings to reveal summary data that would have remained hidden otherwise,
  • And much, much more.
Recording: Master Excel Pivot Tables$99.00