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Written by a noted expert in the field of workforce management and communication, each report reveals practical strategies and proven-effective tactics to help you overcome the problems you face and manage your business more profitably.

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14 Things Not to Say to Your Customers
14 Things Not to Say to Your Customers

When it comes to customer service, conventional wisdom is often wrong. This Special Report gets right to the meat and reveals how some seemingly innocent words can work against you -- and how some of the responses and phrases customer service reps are typically trained to use can actually produce negative results. This 50-page report is perfect for the busy professional, condensing the best business advice into a concise, practical and thorough review of the topic.

Creating Customer Service Superstars

Like most other customer service teams, you probably have a few high-potential hard workers performing at a reasonable level, and a larger group of average performers providing so-so customer service. You can use these relatively simple, low- or no-cost strategies, techniques and tips to transform at least some of the first group into true customer service superstars, and significantly boost performance of the second group well beyond merely average.

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7 Problem Personalities and How to Deal With Them in the Workplace

Confronting employees with problem personalities is a challenging but vital role of any good manager. Helping difficult employees improve their attitudes not only will make your life easier, it also will earn you the respect and gratitude of your entire team -- as well as boost your bottom line. These practical strategies will help you rein in 7 of the most common disruptive personality types.

Reinvigorate a Complacent Workforce

Complacency sets in when employees view their workplace as predictable and risk averse. These step-by- step techniques will help you shake workers from their tired routines... get them operating at peak efficiency in short order... encourage bold, creative, employee-driven initiatives to excel in their own performance... and inject an air of excitement into your team's daily experience.

Why Employees Perform Poorly and What You Can Do About It

Substandard performance by your employees rarely happens by accident. The good news is, once you identify the cause there are a number of easily implemented strategies you can use to boost employee performance. This Special Report explains the most common reasons for underperformance, along with tried-and-true techniques to quickly get your employees working at peak capacity again.